So Why Should I Read This?

This blog is called Adventures in Comedy Fly-Over Country.

If you were to ask me what is the meaning of life, I would tell you that it boils down to this: Whoever leaves with the best stories–WINS.  I’ve been doing standup since 1992 and over the past couple of years I’ve noticed that some events and places are starting to get a little fuzzy. To combat this, I have decided to create a comedy road blog so I don’t forget something I want to share with my kids someday and more importantly, don’t forget some things I never want to tell my kids. I’m really going to try to keep contributing on a regular basis. Since I usually only do 3 or 4 nights per week, I’m going to bring back stories from gigs I’ve done in the past, with a strong accent on 2010, since I have tried to take a lot of photos this year.

Finally, why I chose the title, Adventures in Comedy Fly-Over Country is that I mainly work in the places that aren’t the East Coast or West Coast. All you have to do is look at my resume to see that I’ve played most major clubs in the US, so I’m not knocking the Coasts, it’s just that since I’m from the Midwest, I have a little bit of a chip on my shoulder about defending the qualities of life that keeps me here. There is a bias against comics who don’t live in LA or NY for not being of the same type of quality. Being a road comic is a Scarlet Letter among many of the comedy elite.  Considering that I like all types of standup, I’m not here to rip on alternative comics. What I will say is the comics I respect the most are the ones who can make any type of audience laugh.  I hope to have some of my best friends in the business share some of their comedy road stories here, as well. So bookmark this site and share it with anyone you think might like to read some crazy-ass stories


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