Tales From the Cornstalk Ghetto Show

As you can tell from the bio, I have performed almost everywhere across the US. (44 states)  No place, though, do I embrace performing more in than the middle of the US. It’s why I’ve stayed based outside of LA or NY, because I’m proud of my Midwest roots. I am committed to showing the intelligence and heart of where I come from in my shows. Just because you are not from a major city doesn’t make you a redneck comedian.

Scott Long tosses out sharp and clever lines that remind you of the differences between funny people and true comedic artists. –Indy Star

The Tales from the Cornstalk Ghetto show was one that toured in theaters all over the Midwest. There are plenty of comedians who talk about earthquakes, subways, and how their apartment costs $2500.00 a month in rent. In my Cornstalk Ghetto show I discuss Midwest small-town and suburbia life. This material is the reason behind me performing at tons of county and state fairs. 


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