Superstar Comic Performs for 7 People

After my sold-out show (if the room held 7 people).

So I’m in the Boise area this week. Have never been here before, but one thing I like about being a standup is challenging myself all over the country. I’ve done Tribble runs in the past and have done well, so was looking forward to the shows. I had heard that the Thursday shows were slow, but the weekend shows made up for it. Glad I was warned.

I have been having a nice run of kickass shows. Some markets I draw really well, as sold-out shows in Milwaukee and Chicago demonstrated. Last night there were 4 people at my show. Thankfully the manager said he was just going to give these 2 couples free tix to another show and buy them a round of drinks. These people had heard me on the radio that afternoon promoting the shows and were bummed they weren’t going to catch my act, so I told them I would sit down with them and shoot the shite.

So 10 minutes later the manager tells me that some other people had come in to see the show and I gathered from the way he told me he wanted me to do one. Since the club is paying well this week and they are trying to get their footing (just started doing standup in February), I told him I would do a short set.

The opener had already left, so I just walked up cold, told the 7 people I would do some standup and just went at it. I was conversational and as I mentioned to the group (7 is not a crowd) they might be 7 people, but they sounded like 11. Not an ideal situation, but this is all part of the life of comedy on the road.

The show went fine. I actually ended up doing 45 minutes and that seemed about enough. Everyone was happy. I didn’t have to feel badly that I was taking their money without doing anything and everyone went home happy.

Looking forward to tonight at the Varsity Pub in Meridian, Idaho. If I can have a good show for 7 people, just think how good it will be with 70!

Outside my hotel window in Idaho.

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