On the Road Again: Now What Hotel Room Am I In?

Sure it looks like fun, but wait until you hear me bitch about the pillows.

I have been on the road a lot lately. I’m in Chicago this week and then the following 2 weeks I will be in Boise and Las Vegas. Living out of a suitcase doesn’t bother me much, though it makes it hard sometimes to know how to react when I get back home. I mean it might work at a Holiday Inn Express, but most wives aren’t as cool as hotel maids are with leaving your bedroom at home strewn with clothes and stiff towels.

Lately, I’ve done a lot of one-nighters. If you want (or need) to work every week, you have to fill your calendar with any type of gig, as long as it makes some financial sense. Last week I was in 4 different cities in 4 consecutive nights. You start to lose your bearings a little when this happens. One of the things that can occur is you start to walk the halls sticking your card key in a few different doors on the floor you are on just so you don’t have to take the elevator back down to the lobby to ask what room number am I in? It’s truly a walk of shame. Between being tired from packing up and then driving from one town to the next–day after day, the room numbers can start to blend at a certain point.

On the subject of hotel rooms, I have noticed a troubling new issue with them. The new type of pillows that most of them use are nearly impossible to make work. They look nice and puffy sitting on the bed, but they have all the firmness of a bean bag chair. It used to be they were flat but you could put 2 together and it would work. Not with these new Kardashian pillows. (puffy on the surface, but empty on the inside.)

Not exactly vital stuff today, but I needed to get it off my chest. Hey, it wasn’t like you were being that productive anyway.

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