Comedy Seminar at Crackers in Indy March 24

Bringing Intelligence and Dignity to Standup Comedy since 1992.

After the success of the 1st Comedy Class I taught at Crackers in Broad Ripple (Indy), I’m doing a different version of it on March 24. So more people could attend, I’m setting up a 4 hour comedy seminar on that Saturday from 3 to 7pm. The cost is 50 dollars. Lots more details at the website. Please contact me at to sign-up.

NOTE: When I decided to teach my first comedy class, I will be honest with you, I wasn’t sure if it would be something I would do more than once. As I’ve learned from the feedback I get from this blog, I have a lot of good insights on the business and art of standup comedy. I try to be very honest, sometimes brutally so, about the biz. I have never said I can make you a touring standup comedian, unlike some of the other comedy classes out there. What I felt I could do and it was totally proven out by the success of the people who took my class is help people skip a few very important mistakes that most everyone makes in the beginning. What I didn’t know was that I’m really good at helping comics find what makes them an individual voice and not pigeonholing them into being me. That is something I struggled with for a long time in my career, trying to find what makes me unique and I wish I would have had someone with the instincts to point me the way I needed to go.

Most comedy classes seem to either be free or cost a ton of money. I feel ashamed to see what some established comics have charged for a comedy bootcamp. I can also tell you, though, that I don’t know any established comics who are going to give up hours of their lives to help other comics get better at what they do without getting something back in return. I can promise you I didn’t end up making much money during my first class, especially considering all the hours I spent preparing for the class and helping the people in my class work-out material online. What made it totally worth it to me and why I have continued to do classes/seminars since is how good it made me feel seeing other comics get better at what they did.  I’m kind of a loner on many levels, which has always made standup comedy an appealing thing to me since it’s such an individualistic profession. I ended up seeing my class clowns as part of my team that I was coaching to reach their potential. I know this reads corny on some levels, but fuck it, I’m looking forward to helping some more dysfunctional people who are damaged enough to think doing standup comedy will help them suppress some of their demons. Contact me if you are interested and I hope to see you Saturday, March 24th.

2 thoughts on “Comedy Seminar at Crackers in Indy March 24

  1. I have heard that some comics are against comedy classes, Its almost like the guitar player that says he’s better than another because he’s self taught and never took a lesson in his life. But, I can say for myself and probably speak for most of the people in youmyr first class that my writing, stage presentation, and everything else about my comedy wouldn’t be what it is (whatever that may be) if it wasn’t for enrolling in your class. I go to alot of shows and see alot of comics make mistakes that I never made because I had the benefit of this class. I encourage anyone who has any interest of performing and/or writing comedy to take advantage of this opportunity and sign up for this seminar.

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