Sorry, but Daddy Won’t Be There

Daddy Makes the World Laugh

I never say I’m lucky that I have a job I love because I’ve worked hard to stay relevant in the hyper-competitive biz which is standup comedy. I have never gotten rich doing comedy, but I’ve managed to make a decent living for the past decade. I know that many of the most loyal readers of Fly Over Comedy are the same comedians who would strangle me in my sleep if it meant they would get my comedy gigs calendar. I totally understand. No need to apologize, as I know how hard it is to be working somewhere every weekend.

Having said all of this, I try to occasionally mention the real truth of being a standup comic. Let’s just say you are interested in being married. Well, if you want to meet your bills, you have to take the gig first, celebrate a birthday or holiday later. Same goes with being a Parent. My twins will be celebrating their birthday a day later, as when they turn 4 happens to fall on a Saturday. Sorry, but that’s Daddy’s big work night of the week. It’s the way things work in the Long household.  I can’t really ever consider being a Little League coach or even get to catch a Saturday game, unless I’m working in town. It’s a big trade-off, but that is the way it goes.

Take last night, Valentine’s Day.  My friend Mike Gardner asked if I wanted to do a show for him in Kokomo. I told him I was in town, but it would take a certain amount of money to buy my wife’s silence on this night. He met the price, but said I would have to do the whole show myself. Not a problem, I can do 90 minutes in my sleep, so I did the show. Had a great time. So did the audience. To try to make up for it, I took my wife and kids out on Monday night to celebrate Valentine’s Day but it’s not the same. I know it’s not totally fair, but it’s what Daddy do.

I realize I live a very selfish life on one front, as I gallivant across the country telling jokes, while half the week I’m gone from my family. I don’t feel guilty about the amount of quality time I spend with my kids, because I’m home with them more than the average Dad. I know this sounds kind of like justifying my actions, but I’m usually home from early Sunday afternoon until Thursday morning. Once again, though, it’s not quite the same as knowing Daddy will be home every night. At this point my kids know nothing else, as they are young enough to not realize it’s kind of strange that Daddy’s gone because people need to laugh. I know that day is coming though when that attitude will change. I better set-up a savings plan for the therapy bills that await for them.


One thought on “Sorry, but Daddy Won’t Be There

  1. Everybody’s got to go to work, man. No reason to feel guilty for doing what you have to do to make a living and support your family. 9-5 dads can be soccer coaches, sure, and they can scream at their kids until they live life in a fear and shame hole, so nothing is without it’s downside. You have a very non-traditional job but so does anybody that has to work the night shift/late shift or has to travel constantly to work, like a truck driver, you just have more interesting stories and/or the opportunity to tell them better than most folks.

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