Super Bowl Week in Indy

If you haven’t heard, Indianapolis has been getting rave reviews from everyone here for the Super Bowl. I didn’t grow in Indy, but I’ve lived here for more than 2 decades so there is some pride on how great things have gone, so far. I’m not going to kid you, the weather has a lot to do with it (mid-50’s everyday this week), but how the downtown is setup has just as much to do with it. Indy has been designed for big events. Just last spring the city had the Final 4 and I was working in town at Crackers. You would think that would be great for Crackers, but people in town to party aren’t generally looking for a comedy show. They want bars and music . This year Crackers rented out their downtown room and only kept the Broad Ripple room open, which I’m sure was a great economic move for the club. Crackers asked me if I would feature in Broad Ripple, as they were in need of quality acts who didn’t need lodging. (Hotel rooms are well over 300 bucks a night this week for a 45 mile radius. So far the shows in Broad Ripple have been a little slower than average as I think a lot of locals have so many other entertainment options.

Here’s a recap of how my week in Indy has went with the Super Bowl in town.

Early Wednesday I had a private super bowl related event that is what really paid the bills this week. I was hoping for more but it never happened. It was a nice bonus to make a little extra Crackers money, though.

I got up very early on Thursday to hang out with my friend, Frank Caliendo. Frank is the most highly-requested non-football playing guest for radio during the week. We got to the very cool ESPN set and Frank did Mike and Mike in the Morning. Then we walked over to the Bob and Tom radio show set. I’ve been on both shows in the past but didn’t try to get on this time, as for Super Bowl week they have a chance at guests with lots larger name power than Scott Long. You have to know where you fit-in on the celebrity scale. Since I’m only a celebrity to about 100 people, it’s not like I’m an attractive guest to the 2 most listened to morning radio shows in the country.

You might ask why I would get up at 4:30 in the morning after doing 2 shows the night before to just hang around? Partially because it never hurts to rub elbows with media people who might help you later on and also it’s always fun for me to help Frank flesh out a couple current events he could do that morning. I came up with an idea about sportscaster Jim Rome signing a deal that will put him on all CBS Television platforms. My idea was would that mean he would be on 60 Minutes. Is he the new Andy Rooney? Frank took it from there and riffed an Andy Rooney-type piece on Bob and Tom where he discussed how awesome pencils are? It was hilarious. I never feel any jealousy of keeping a joke for myself when I write something for Frank because his amazing skill set (impressions), allow him to do things I could never do. It’s like being a blues singer who writes an opera. If you can’t sing the opera, you might as well give it to someone else who can.

One bonus that came my way from going down the Bob and Tom set that morning is that one of their guests, the Governor of Indiana, talked to me for a couple minutes after appearing. He said he was looking for someone who could help him craft a few lines for some of his speeches, so that door opened because I pushed myself to show up that morning on 3 hours sleep. I’ve written for one political correspondence dinner that Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc were at, but I’ve never gotten a chance to write specifically for a politician, so this could be a fun new challenge.

With my new pal, Mitch Daniels.

After the Bob and Tom Show ended, I considered going over to radio row which was being held at a different hotel. Radio row is a Super Bowl tradition where tons of radio stations across the country set up shop and rotate guests in. I have contacts with a lot of these stations, but it didn’t seem to make much sense for me to use up an appearance on any of these shows when I’m not going to be performing in their city over the next few weeks. Also, these smaller stations are excited to have me on the air with them, but when you are competing with NFL Hall of Famers, not so much. My analogy would be that I’m the funny, but average looking girl at the Playboy Party. I’m more fun to talk to then the Tens that are all around, but it’s far more impressive to be seen talking to the hot babes.

JW Marriott is where most of the media is set-up in Indy.

We are just doing one show at Broad Ripple to close out the week. It’s been fun working with Al Jackson, the headliner. He’s a strong act. Interesting story is the only time I’ve ever worked with Al he was my feature act at the Fort Lauderdale IMPROV on a Thursday night. Only time I can ever remember during my career where the feature act did better than me. (I should mention I have had feature acts do as well as me, but Al was definitely the star that night.)  I could make an argument that he had a home-court advantage over me because he was living in Florida at the time, but he’s pretty dynamic anywhere he performs, so I have to admit that he was just a better fit for the demographic that was there that night.

Final Note: I had contacted every NFL team hoping to perform at some smaller event they might be having, so I’m not going to pretend that I’m not a little disappointed by not getting something from that, but a couple other future opportunities might have happened because of this week. Sure you have to have something of a track record to be let in the door, but sometimes your chances for future success hinge just as much on just showing up.


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Week in Indy

  1. It’s about time I leave a comment, I read this blog all the time. I like how you roll with things and always seem to find a way to work and be positive about your work. So you’re telling me that Scott Long is the short brunette of the comedy world, nothing wrong with that man, lottsa people prefer Mary Ann to Ginger.

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