A Scott (Very) Long Week of Comedy

Performing at the Comedy Most Pit in Muncie.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been home a total of 4 days. I try not to be gone more than 4 days per week, but I’ve had some unique opportunities, so I ended up packing my calendar.  I made my redemption return to the Stardome in Birmingham a couple weeks ago (more on that soon) and then last week I was at one of my favorite clubs, The Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee. The Cafe was book-ended by a couple cool one-nighters.

Last week started in Muncie, Indiana at a one-night show there run by a couple newer friends of mine, Kyle DeWeiss and Jake Lentz. The room is called the Comedy Mosh Pit and it’s held in a college dive bar. It is a really fun atmosphere to do standup, as the guys have really cultivated a cool little comedy scene in Muncie. (Having some of the quality of my friend, Ryan Mast, as a regular really helps the shows.) It was a rockin’ show and the audience was very appreciative of when I got off-stage, as I heard from a lot of regulars it was their favorite show they had seen there. There was a good turn-out, which was aided by a nice article the Muncie Star Press did on me, which helped promote the event.

While I might be older than some of the audience’s parents, I really make an effort to keep my show fresh and not come off like some stale old comic.  I like to do college-aged shows, as I always seem to connect with that audience. Look, I’m not Iggy Pop, but comedy can keep you younger. Now if only I could lose 40 pounds, then I could tell jokes while my shirtless body writhed, as I Wanna Be Your Dog played behind me. That would be awesome.  No matter what age you are, it’s important to bring an energy and a confidence to the stage. You know, convey a Lust for Life attitude, even if your words denote you are pessimistic about the future.

The thing I will remember the most from the show was that right before I hit the stage, some guy came in with his 4 year-old kid. Interesting parenting choice, but who am I to keep a child from absorbing art at a young age? I did reference this, though, especially after I did my new bit about Casey Anthony and how I like her because she now allows me to use the C-word in front of women. Casey is actually now the new C-word. I don’t know if anyone has ever felt so liberated and at the same time, so embarrassed by using a word in front of 4 year-old, but hey, that’s show biz!

As part of my show at the Mosh Pit, I did a pre-show comedy class. It was well-attended and everyone that there seemed to feel it was worth their 25 bucks.  I had my friend, comic Mikey Mason, get up and give his advice on standup, which definitely added to the class. I don’t feel any guilt in charging for a comedy class, as I feel I have a lot of advice and knowledge that will help younger comics skip a couple steps of scuffling around in their journey to being better onstage. I sat through endless classes in college that I spent a ton of money on and got very little out of, so to charge 25 bucks for a couple of hours doesn’t seem too much considering what I have to offer is going to impact your life a little more than some Opium War to Mao Chinese history class ever will.  (and it’s cheaper, too)

After the show, Kyle and Jake presented me a Comedy Most Pit hockey jersey, which was a real cool touch. Little things like that I really appreciate, as too often comics are just treated like some kind of product that is filling the shelf for that week.  They even personalize it by putting Long on the back with the number 1. Get it. Long, 1.  It was a long day and (night), plus I had to get up early to be on my way to Milwaukee the next day, but it turned out being a really fun night in Muncie.

A Demonic vision after the show with my metal-head friends, Jake and Kyle.

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