The Best Print Interviews in Standup: Class Act Comedy

After a recent open mic where I ate it, except for the part when I berated the audience. This woman (a college professor I found out) was my biggest fan after the show.

Even though I try to give props to the people I work with at Fly Over Comedy, I don’t spend much time here on anyone but myself because, surprise, the main focus is to promote me. I do try, though, to give out my thoughts/advice/pompous rants about standup, hoping that it will help younger comics. I’m going to switch up my formula today, as I want to give a shout-out to the blog, Class Act Comedy.

Now I’ve discussed before how Marc Maron’s WTF podcast is the best place to learn about standup, well besides taking one of my classes:) The closest thing in print is Scott King’s Class Act Comedy. Now I should mention that Scott is a friend of mine and he’s interviewed me for it in the past, but I promise you that has nothing to do with my referral here. I mention this blog because Scott’s interviews are great and he picks the absolute cream of standup comedy. He doesn’t go all hipster and try to stroke the Pitchfork of comics, instead he gets into the real deals.

The most intelligent, provocative standups like Bill Burr, Louis CK, Dave Attel, Doug Stanhope, Jim Norton, among others, have done interviews with Scott. You really should check out his site, as you can learn so much from these awesome comics responses to Scott’s excellent questions.  His latest interview with Joe Rogan is a great place to start. Rogan discusses his battle with Mencia and how Comedy Central f-ed up his version of the Man Show.

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