You be the Judge: Thin-Skin or Teaching Some Punk a Lesson.

With Comic Owen Thomas.

So I post jokes. I do it because I’m a standup comic and I think that is one of the ways we should use social media. I don’t expect all them to be universally loved.  What I won’t accept is someone calling me a dumbass when they don’t get the joke to begin with. You don’t like the joke. Fine. One option is to ignore it. Another is to show me you have some creative merit to call me out.

A couple days ago I got in a flamewar after some guy called me out on Twitter.  Here is the transcript. I haven’t changed a word.

It began with this joke. For non-sports fans QB Carson Palmer was traded in what seemed like a very bad trade for the Raiders. Palmer had refused to play for the Bengals and he hasn’t been good in awhile. His best season was in 2005.

Twitter joke. My favorite drink is the Arnold Palmer, lemonade & tea. Not 2 be confused w/the Carson Palmer. A box of whine whose vintage year was 2005

This is when this appeared as a response. My responses will be in black italics.

jespo22Jesse Espinoza✔
@scottcomedy learn how to spell if youre trying to be funny. Wine not whine dumbass
hey fucknuts. I was targetin palmer refusing 2 play 4 bengals, so whine was on purpose. i will tweet 4 simpletons like u next time.
LOL. Youre not even funny dude. Franks picks suck & you write those. Write better jokes for your 200 meaningless followers fag
jesse was a friend…I will take criticism from bill burr but not some douche who has never written something creative
nothing creative? haha thats why I’m getting my degree in journalism. I’m just giving you my opinion on your #!@%*#ty ass comedy, voicing my opinion the same way you make your lame ass jokes about other ppl. And as a “professional” you shouldn’t get so riled up from some random person critiquing your work
i have a degree in journ.- we have that in common. If you call me a dumbass 4 spelling something the correct way u will get a reply
my resume has 20 yrs of production from standup clubs and TV. U send me a joke u write which is good and maybe I will back off
haha youre still going? I quit replying for a reason dude.
that is becuz u r a talentless fuck. You have been exposed. Dont criticize without being able 2 back it up.
LOL now youre talking #!@%*#? If I was a comedian I would have said that you old ass #!@%*#. I don’t care who you are. I never heard of you until I wasted 10 mins of my life looking you up & watching the worst comedy I’ve ever seen. You might as wel not even have a twitter you irrelevant
I’m done trying 2 see if u have game. I’ve written 4 TV for 9 yrs and performed at top clubs in country for 2 decades. Irrelevant?
haha ok your accomplished but youre still a nobody. & if I have game? Wth you talking about? I’m a writer not a comedian or debater so arguing with me to see if I have game is pointless.
break it down. u call me a dumbass when u don’t get how joke works on 2 levels. i respond by calling u on it.
u tell me ur creative, but offer no proof. u then tell me i’m irrelevant becuz i have 200 followers. (i have over 2400 on fb)
your more than twice my age, arguing with someone still in college. Grow the fuck up dude.
i refuse to grow-up. i wanted to make u understand that if u r going to flame someone, be aware it might burn you back.
maybe next time when u attack someone u will think twice to make sure u r getting the point. i accept criticism, if it has merit.
u don’t like my jokes. cool, don’t follow me. u call me a dumbass 4 spelling something wrong when u don’t get it, watch out.
1. I don’t follow you. I saw your tweet b/c carson palmer was trending. 2. Nothing you said affected me. I brush stuff off like that easily. 3. This argument we had was better than your stand up. Have a nice day
Makes perfect sense. Keep spending your life following trends.
i liked the line about it being better than my standup. that’s funny. Maybe u do have something inside u. I guess u needed a push.
haha I’m a Raiders fan bro. Thats why I responded to your dumb tweet. Keep talking if it makes you feel good
and if I was following trends my whole life would I want to get my journalism degree & go after my goals I set years ago? probably not
where r u going to j-school? i respect that. keep in mind few people in that biz rise above being a nobody. u do it 4 right reasons
I go to Metro State in Denver, but I’m most likely transferring to UNLV in the spring
ok u have me intrigued. What journalist(s) motivated u to follow that path? I think that is my last question.
none really. I figured I’m pretty good at writing & I have a passion for sports so I’m trying to become a sports journalist
This is where it ends.  I involved myself in this because I hate how the internet has allowed people to light up others who are trying to be creative.  I appreciate at least that Jesse (as Jay Mohr says) puts his name on it.  I annoys me when people who critique without any real depth are allowed to slam without showing me they could do anything half as well. Maybe Jesse will end up the greatest journalist to come out of Metro State.  Pam Grier is a notable alum so if Cleopatra Jones is from there, it can all be bad.
I know I should use my time more wisely, but sometimes I don’t want to let petty stuff go.  I admit this is a flaw of mine. I’ve written some type of blog for close to 10 years now and at my old Baseball Toaster blog I would challenge anyone who posted a comment, as I liked the intellectual exercise. As anyone who has posted here realizes, I eventually always get around to responding to your comments, as I want feedback here.
Even though this was initially just a conversation between 2 people, it still comes off kind of weak with me giving my resume.  Oh and I sure wish I wouldn’t have touted my FB friends. What a bunch of bullshit that was. When I’m judged by how many followers I have on some social media platform, I need to rethink my life.  I like having fans, but the most important thing to me on a professional level is creating quality comedy. Today’s blog will not rise to the top of it, but I like to share the good, the bad, and the confusing which is part of my career.
FINAL NOTE: There is not right or wrong answer in regards to my question.  Probably the best answer would be a mix of both. I will let you figure out what percentage you would put for Thin Skin versus Teaching Some Punk a Lesson.


5 thoughts on “You be the Judge: Thin-Skin or Teaching Some Punk a Lesson.

  1. Hey, Scott. I’m sorry to say, I don’t think this turned out too well for you. I don’t think you “taught him a lesson” at all. Rather, you looked kind of insecure and childish. You let your temper get the better of you and you Tweeted faster than your mind could process, like bringing up your Facebook fans or how long you’ve been doing comedy. You don’t have to be a veteran comic to be a sensation on Twitter.

    I think you lost the battle with your very first Tweet back to him. Fucknuts? All you had to do was say, “Learn what puns are.” Simple and polite. And then don’t respond to anything he Tweets back, no matter what. “Internet Flamewars” don’t have winners. Both people look stupid.

    Sorry, if that’s not what you wanted to hear. However, even if you don’t agree, please don’t call me Fucknuts.

    1. I think your point is fair. What I try to do at this site is show all the elements which make up my comedy career. In doing that I try to demonstrate the good and bad of me.

      1. No, believe me I know how hard it is to resist getting into a battle on Twitter or Facebook or etc., etc… I really hate it when people get away with writing nasty comments anonymously.

  2. My frustration comes out of being one of the few comics I know who constantly is posting jokes on social media instead of just using it to promote where I will be or what I had for lunch that day. I don’t expect them all to be winners, but when someone misses the whole point and slams me, my patience is thin.

  3. Not 2 be confused w/the Carson Palmer. A box of whine whose vintage year was 2005

    Funny stuff. One doesn’t even need to know who this Carson Palmer person is (and I myself don’t) to get it.

    But seriously, dude. The world’s full of dumbasses, and the internet’s crawling with deliberately obtuse trolls trying to yank your chain.

    Ignore em’, and come up with more jokes like that one. (Or alternatively, have a few short and sweet “dumb-guy” jokes always on hand for these occasions . They’ll make the troll / heckler look REALLY foolish…and the audience will be more firmly ensconced on your side.)

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