Update: How Did Our Hero Bounce Back from His Comedic Nervous Breakdown

After the show with my Comedy life coach. This was not a put-upon face, this show had actually left me with this look.

(Read Previous Story before attempting this one)

So I woke up this morning ready to get out of this Tennessee town which was home of my comedic shellacking.  I got into my car and drove 7 hours home.  I still felt pretty lousy from how the night before had went, but I started to remember details that made me feel a little better about it.  My favorite, that I hadn’t mentioned, was toward the end of my performance.  While I’m in the middle of a joke a couple guys came up to the side of the stage and were using some kind of massive plastic wrap to seal some items that needed to be brought into the kitchen.  Usually you get a light when someone wants you off-stage, but these guys were non-verbally telling me to WRAP it up.  I did mention this to the audience which got a big laugh.  Then I added that these guys were working that wrap like Dexter in a kill room.  Crickets!  Obviously not a big Showtime town.  I do feel a little better, as now reflecting back there were 5 0r 6 big laughs during my show, which is pretty good for a corporate.  Too bad none of them were proceeding any actual material I did, though, as they all followed improvisational things I did playing off the audience.

The one plus I had when driving back was that I had told a friend I would MC the Friday night bar show he was doing in town.  I was up for doing it because I wanted to work on new material, but after the show the night before which had rattled my inner being, I was really happy to climb back up on board and do my thing.  Outside of a Vegas show, I haven’t opened a show in a long time and I have to guess it’s been 12 years since I opened a bar show.  I forgot how much the first few minutes of a comedy show sucks, so the response wasn’t great.  I should have performed tried and true material, but I went there to perform new stuff and dammit I did.  While it wasn’t the soul-shattering show of the night before, it still wasn’t what I expected. I made a couple jokes at the end making fun of the area of town I was in and the audience loved that shit.  Guess what young comedians reading this?  It’s never a bad plan of attack to do a couple local jokes to get people to connect with you.  I did those at the end because I wanted my friend who was following me to have some momentum.

I have my first Saturday night off at home in a long time happening today.  I’m glad this week is over.  Standup comedy is tough.  You have to grow a hard shell.  Things had been going so well for me the past year that I guess my shell had gotten softer than a Chesapeake blue crab.  The past couple days I’ve felt like one of these crabs being ripped open by some uncaring, but ravenous people.  I’m feeling tougher again after tonight, though.  The soft shell has hardened.  I’m a Mutant Ninja Turtle again, so cowabunga motherfuckers!


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