Putting on my Own Show

This Saturday night

I don’t put on my own shows very often, as comedy clubs and booking agents generally do it better than I can.  Every once in awhile, though, I put on a show in a market where I draw well and I’m getting so many requests for when will I be in the area again?  This Saturday (tomorrow night) I will be doing a show at Louies (next to Pinheads) in Fishers, IN.  It’s a nice set-up that has had a few other comedy shows, so I’m looking forward to it.  The host of the show will be my friend, Ryan McCormick.  I will be doing an extended 70-75 minute set, so if you want to see most of my bag of tricks, this will be a good night to do it.  Showtime is 8pm and tickets are $14 bucks, which you purchase at the door.

Done with my plugging.  I will back soon doing what I usually do here…

Telling messed up road stories and pontificating on standup comedy.

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