Why I’m teaching a Comedy Class

I have mentioned on my social media sites that I’m going to be teaching a comedy class starting August 30 in Indianapolis at the Broad Ripple Comedy Club.  I decided to do this despite knowing there are few things you can do in standup that will make you a pariah faster among your peers than teaching a comedy class.  Here are the reasons why many comedy classes are hated by other comics.

  • Class is taught by someone who has little experience in standup.  You know that adage that people who can’t do, teach? Well, that is the case too often.  I can remember when I started there was a guy in Indy who was teaching an accredited comedy course at a community college in town.  He used Judy Carter’s standup book as a textbook.  A few people who I started with when doing open mics had taken his class and not one of them is around today.  The guy had no ability to do standup himself and shouldn’t have been teaching a class.  There are too many of these types.
  • In general, people that are standup comics are misfits to begin with and don’t believe anyone can give them any advice that will make a difference in their life.  We are generally not people who like being part of any group.
  • Many open-mic comics are lazy people who don’t want to put any effort into anything in life, but are attention-starved, so they do standup every once in awhile because it’s easier than learning an instrument.  (I know this is a slam at potential customers for my class.  If you are a lazy ass, I don’t want you to waste your time or money with the class, so no sweat off of my sack.)
  • Some classes taught by people who could actually help its students promise way too much and charge way too much.  (See Comedy Boot Camp)

I know there is a way better way to sell why taking my comedy class is advantageous than to begin by ripping comedy classes, but my integrity is very important to me so I’m not about to promote my comedy course like I’m some TV evangelist or Power of Positive Thinking Guru.

So a few months back I started going to a lot of open mics because I was working on a lot of new material.  Despite being a cynical bastard, I also have a part of my DNA that likes to help people. Sure part of this desire sits in being a narcissist who thinks they know what would help people be better, but I think a decent share of comics who have worked with me would say I’ve helped them in some small measure.  So I’m watching open mikers make mistake after mistake and I’m thinking back to when I started and how I got little good advice on how to become better on-stage or how to move up the ladder in standup.  At this point, I decided I would teach a comedy course.

What the class I’m teaching entails is 4 weeks on writing material and 4 weeks on performing.  For those of you that are unaware, I’ve written for the NFL on FOX for the past 9 seasons, plus written screenplays and jokes for award shows. My standup career has had me on-stage at most of the top clubs in the country, plus doing hundreds of corporate events, as well.

The only promise I am going to make with this class is that you will become better at writing and standup.  I like all types of standup comedy, so I’m not trying to make everyone into the same comedian.  The main goal for me is to make each person who takes my class better and more of what they really are–not more of someone else they are emulating.  I read these words and I even think they sound like bullshit on some level, but I feel strongly that too many young comics waste so much time and effort flailing around and I have the experience and knowledge to help you skip a lot of these hurdles.

The price is 120 dollars per 4 week session or 200 dollars to take both 4 week sessions.  Each session is 90 minutes.  If you think standup comedy classes are ridiculous and can’t help anyone, well you are probably right for yourself.  If you think 25 bucks a class is too much money, well you have no idea what it costs to go to a college, so go back to wasting money on shit that has no chance of making you better at a dream that you may hold.  (Ouch!) The class is cheap, but I’m not going to give away my time and knowledge for free.  Sorry, but part of what makes me a funny-ass comic is that I’m not altruistic to people I don’t love.  The only way I’m going to teach a comedy class for 8 straight weeks is to have some stake in it. To learn more about the class click on this link.

So if you live in the Indianapolis area and want to learn how to achieve more of a your full-potential in standup, sign up for my class by emailing me at insidescott@hotmail.com  I’m really looking forward to doing it.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m teaching a Comedy Class

  1. Anyone that says $200 is too much is an idiot. I am new to standup and this kind of class is exactly what I have been looking for. Problem is, no one offers them really. At least not around here. I’m looking forward to your classes!

  2. SCOTT! would have been fun, wish you were doing it in Fenton, you know cause its such a big town and all… haha. good luck with it, hope it goes well. I agree with the last guy, you’re pretty much giving your knowledge away with those prices. You’re a class act, know when you’ll be back up here??

  3. Hoping to be up your way in November. I’m doing something that weekend in Detroit area, so hope to attach Fenton with it. I will tell you when I know.

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