Standup Comedy Must Be a Better Gig than I Give it Credit For

Missing the Stage this Week

So I had a fall-out this week and I’m stuck sitting home.  This is only the second gig-less week of the year (the other was a fall-out as well), so that part is good.  You would think working as much as I do I would welcome a week off.  So why is it that I feel so stir crazy?

While being a standup comic has few things in common with being in a rock band, one thing they do share is that you get in certain rhythm to life where traveling is like breathing.  I still like driving in my car listening to my IPod or my satellite radio.  I still like sitting in my hotel room working on my act or finding less productive (though more reproductive) things on my laptop.  I love my 3 young kids, but unlike my neighbors who are gone to work between 8 to 5:30, I have no escape.  From Sunday afternoon until most Wednesday afternoons, I am home, so that is enough. A week straight is too much.

Here is the bigger reason I’m feeling stir crazy, though, is because I’m in the midst of the best writing period of my career. I have come up with lots of new material which I believe works with all groups.  I feel like I’ve reached a new level in my act and it sucks that I don’t have the stage time to work it out.  Next week I will do an open mic, a showcase show, a bar gig, and then a corporate type event.  Even though they are all different type shows, I will be glad to get back on-stage.  I know that when I worked in the real world I was dying for a week off.  It’s good to have a job I feel passionate about.

No attaboy's at home.

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