Some Props for Milwaukee

With My Good Friend, Todd Link.

When people ask me my favorite city to do comedy in, I would have to put Milwaukee right at the top of the list.  The citizens there have the 3 elements that make for a great audience.

  1. Reasonably intelligent.
  2. Looking to have a good time.
  3. Generally half in the bag by the time I hit the stage.

It’s the holy trinity of comedy!

Milwaukee might be the best place to live during the summer in the US.  The weather is really great to begin with.  Every week it seems like there is some type of festival going on.  The city has lots of GREAT ethnic food.  Sitting on Lake Michigan, it has some of the same charms as Chicago, but without the heavy traffic and high prices that the Windy City possesses.  Over the past decade Milwaukee has had a revival downtown, with many great museums and restaurants/bars popping up.  If you were to ask me the 2 most underrated major cities in the US, I would go with Milwaukee and Pittsburgh.  Most people who haven’t visited them wouldn’t think much about this pair, bu these 2 former industrial cities have reinvented themselves into cool places that don’t cost a fortune to live in.

I’m performing at the Comedy Cafe this week, which is the perfect sized comedy club, as when the room is full–it rocks. It’s been a good week, so far.

Look closely, an upside down 7 is used in place of a L for Long.

One thought on “Some Props for Milwaukee

  1. AGREED, Scott! I love the COMEDY CAFE in Milwaukee – but, then again; I love Milwaukee! Period. I’ve had family living there for over 20+ years – it’s always been a “crash” spot for me whenever I’m west of Lake Michigan!

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