Why I Like Black and White

This sweet Cincy lady is a major fan of mine.

Last week at the Newport Funny Bone (across the river from Cincy), the audiences were the most mixed race I’ve had in a long time.  Now a lot of comics eat it in this situation, as (stereotyping ahead) I think Black audience’s don’t want to hear a lot of esoteric stuff.  The more real, the better.  They (you know, the Blacks:) also appreciate you taking some racial risks with your material, as long as it has a laugh at the end.  This has been my experience and I can’t remember not having a good show with a mixed audience.  Considering that there was never even 1 Black kid in any of my classes until I got to college, I don’t have some type of hip hop personae.  I think what works for me is that I come off like I’m having a conversation with audience..  I also like to make White people feel awkward in this scenario, so that adds to the fun.

Below is a clip of me discussing a White Trash t-shirt I was selling.  Most of it came off the cuff and it was really fun to walk the tightrope, only for it kill at the end.


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