Blowing a Tire

Turn your head and cough.

A lot of performers have this nightmare where you get on-stage and no sound comes out of your mouth.  Well, the closest I’ve ever come to that happening while awake was last night.  I went into this week in Cincy with a cold and it has progressed into the point where on Saturday night I was hardly able to talk. I basically had to rasp and croak my way through my show, like I was Bobby Slayton without any power.  Frustrating, but I still had good sets, so that says something positive for my material.  It was fortunate that I was only featuring this week, as doing more than 2 sets of 25 minutes would have been nearly impossible.

Now, as someone who had a couple of nodules on his vocal cords which needed surgery a few years back, this development is very concerning. I have been doing a new bit the past couple weeks where I channel my inner-Sam Kinison screaming my frustration.  I really am excited about the bit, but I’m concerned that this might be the culprit in me blowing out my throat.  A few years back when I had to have surgery it followed me doing 3 sets on New Year’s Eve.  The sound system was messed up, so I projected my ass off to make up for it.  The shows went great, but I ended up paying for it a week later when I got the diagnosis.  My throat is feeling kind of similar to when this happened the last time, but I’m still holding out hope that the congestive cold is the reason I’ve lost my voice.

One more show tonight and then I’ve got to go in and see a doctor tomorrow.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  Hey, the show must go on.


3 thoughts on “Blowing a Tire

  1. p.s. When wanting to speak more loudly, most people make the mistake of raising pitch instead of volume, which is bad vocal hygiene. I recommend finding yourself a good vocal coach.

  2. I appreciate the advice. I take my daughter who is on the autism spectrum each week to a SLP. The SLP is top-notch but it is costing me a fortune. My health insurance covers 25 percent, so I don’t have the dough to see someone on my own. I have pulled back on that yelling bit finding a different way to sell it. Not quite as effective, but it’s not worth me killing my voice.

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