Vaudville Comedy Club in Chattanooga

With Vaudville Cafe's owner, Chris Hampton.

I was in Chattanooga over the weekend and had a great time.  The place I performed has been open for over a decade as a Murder Mystery Theatre and it’s located in a beautiful building downtown. It was only their second week of doing standup, but the place ran incredibly smoothly because the owner (Chris) and manager (April) know how to run a room. They also are bright people who seem really enthusiastic about standup. It is one of the best set-ups for comedy I’ve ever been at, as it is the perfect size, with some stadium type seating and the room is tight.  The stage is beautiful and the lighting and sound are perfect. For just the second weekend, the crowds were pretty decent in size and I have no doubt when the word gets out the room will be rockin’. Another plus was that the staff treated the comics really well.  Great start. Bright future.


While discussing Chattanooga, let me offer that it is one of the real gems of the United States.  It is surrounded by the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, with the Tennessee River cutting through it.  The downtown is clean and beautifully restored.  The downtown has tons of things to do with lots of brickfront restaurants and bars to hit after seeing the aquarium or it’s many trails.  Really an underrated city.  One of the most pleasant surprises in my many years doing standup.

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