A Quick Bit of Advice

I'll take your offer and I will raise--an eye-brow to it.

I’m going to try to be short and sweet today. Hey dummy. Yeah you, comedian who mentions when they are selling their merchandise that gas prices are high and it would be great if you would help by buying a CD or t-shirt.  Stop doing this.  Guess what you narcissistic ninny, gas prices are impacting all of us. Every time you mention it that make it less likely anyone will sell anything after the show.  I’ve heard this a lot lately from my opening acts.  Look, I like you personally and know how increasingly difficult it is to make the bottom line work, but it is a bad business practice to mention a negative financial hardship that is impacting us all—as a way to sell more stuff.  Ultimately, I’m not that concerned if you sell something or not, but quit being a cockblocker for me selling.

Thanks my friends and I hope your car gets good gas mileage.

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