Full Circle: Crackers in Indy

On-stage at Crackers. Special shout-out to awesome photographer, Josh Humble!

It was 2 decades ago that I first appeared on-stage.  This was at the Indianapolis Comedy Connection open mic in April of 1991.  Last weekend I was back at this club (now called Crackers Comedy Club) headlining there.  I’ve performed well-over 300 times there  as an MC, Feature, and Headliner.  It holds a warm place in my heart–I mean it was my first.  The shows went great (except Friday—which I will discuss in my next post).  I’m not a guy who hangs out at the club when I’m not working there, as I feel I should be home with my family, since I’m on the road so much.  Having said this, I do feel some home club love, as John the manager is a real mensch and the staff is great. (special shout-out to my buddy, Darci)

Downtown Indy is really underrated, as it is clean, safe, while having a pretty happening nightlife.  The club fits well with the vibe of the city.  Not pretentious, not glamorous.  It’s just a great place to have fun without spending 30 bucks for parking and 15 bucks for a drink.  I sometimes need to remind myself how far I’ve come.  I was this young guy dreaming big enough to think I could make it in this biz and 2 decades later I’m living it.  Hey, look at the big, bad cynic drop a little melancholy.  Don’t worry, my next post I will be back to my old self.


My buddy Josh Humble took the above photo at my late show on Saturday.  If you are looking to get headshots done in the Midwest, you should contact him.

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