Love Letter

Funnier than Rickles and Leno---for a night?

While writing the story I wrote a couple weeks back, the booking agent for this Laughlin gig happened to forward me an email from a person who was at my Sunday show.  It was one of the best comments I have ever gotten.  Here is the first half of it.

Wanted to share that my girlfriend and I stayed at your casino last weekend at went to the comedy show on Sunday.  We go to a lot of comedy and have seen people in Vegas like Don Rickles and Jay Leno. The comedian you had last weekend Scott Long was the funniest person we have ever seen.  We came up from Arizona to gamble for the weekend with a few other couples and we all had never seen a comedy show so good.

My first reaction would be to this letter that they definitely didn’t see Rickles or Leno during their prime, but on my behalf, I will say it was a pretty hilarious show I put on that night.  It was just one of those nights where everything fit into place.  I discussed it briefly in the post I linked.  While I’ll never be a star, it does fill with me good vibrations to know that I have connected to some of the audience on this level.  I might not be a people person, but I would be a fool to not acknowledge I love the kudos I get after the show.  It makes a lot of the off-stage bullshit seem worth it.


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