What Were They Thinking Headshots: Ray Romano

Anyone up for some hoops in my crisp white oxford?

One of my favorite things to do when killing time at a comedy club is to look at the bad headshots. I can’t say all of mine have been great, but the biggest goal you should have is to not look like a complete fool. When you get your headshots done, remember that these will be posted on a wall for the world to see for decades.  Try to keep that in mind.

I have no idea what Ray Romano was trying to do in this photo. I am guessing the photographer told him, “Let’s do something that has some action to it!”  I have seen people look worse in their photos (stay tuned for some later this week), but I have never seen a headshot that made less sense than this one.  Jeans, tucked in oxford shirt, arm extended with hand displaying wedding ring, basketball under arm…WTF? It really is insane. Maybe it would make sense if you were a high school English teacher who coached girls basketball and had been accused of sexually harassing his players.  Not a great idea, though, if you are a young standup comic in New York trying to impress the tough crowds there. Here’s the biggest plus from this photo: If Ray Romano could succeed to the incredible success he has had, don’t believe anything can keep you from reaching your dreams.

2 thoughts on “What Were They Thinking Headshots: Ray Romano

  1. Hey you should re-enact some of these head-shots and post the results! That would be hilarious. Try to match the dress, pose, everything…

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