What Do You Say to a Naked Man

Welcome Sign.

As those of you that saw my Facebook announcement, last night I performed at a Nudist Resort.  So I did a show at a casino on Wednesday and a Nudist Resort on Saturday. That’s how I made my money this week?

If you wanted to know my favorite show of 2011, I would say it had to be last night.  I have had shows with more laughter or a better demo for my comedy, but the people Turtle Lake Nudist Resort are awesome. As you might expect, it is hard to find a less judgmental group. There is a really great vibe these people put out there about being comfortable in their own skin. Just like in life there are all types of shapes and sizes there.  Because most of the people we see naked are in porn, I think we don’t have  a good understanding of what most people look like in the buff.  Just like when you are at the mall, some people are more fun to look at then others, except that you don’t have to play the what do they look like without their clothes game when you are at a nudist colony.

I should mention this was the second time I had performed at this resort. The first time I was there it was 4 or 5 years ago..  As memorable as it is to go to a nudist resort, I didn’t have a lot of memories from the first time as I suffered from some sensory overload.  I did have a great show the last time, which is why I was invited back so soon (they do just a couple comedy shows per year), but I was more comfortable this time around.

Now I know many of you are interested in how it all works at a Nudist resort.  Well, at the show about half the people were clothed and half were naked.  The naked people sit on towels, so it seems really sanitary.  Actually, the place seemed way cleaner than most comedy clubs or bars I perform at.  After the show they had a DJ play some dance music and the ratio became a little more nude, but there were still couples where one person was naked and the other wasn’t.  One thing my opening act, Kevin McPeek, mentioned to me was how some of the guys were pant-less, but still were wearing their shirt.  I told him I understood this as pants can be somewhat restrictive.  Interesting fact about Scott: Sometimes I wear a t-shirt and that is it to bed, as the shirt keeps me little warmer, but it feels good to be king of naked land below the waist.  Now try to get that image out of your head.

One interesting thing about last night’s show was that when I hit the stage, I realized my zipper was down.  I didn’t even mention it as knew with this group that wasn’t any big deal. Those are the kind of things that happen at a nudist resort that make you realize how silly so many of our social norms are. When I told some friends that I was going to perform at a nudist resort they asked, California? Florida? No, pretty much anybody can be a nudist in those states. Now if you are a nudist in Michigan during April, you are definitely committed to your lifestyle.

One guy in the front row was having more fun than anyone else. He had comments to offer up, but they were all good-natured, so we bantered back and forth some.  Now that I’m not doing the 2 microphone (good Scott, bad Scott) thing anymore, I’m letting the show evolve more organically.  I enjoy not knowing what direction the show will go.  Now when I have a happy heckler wearing only his birthday suit it is definitely a unique situation.  At one point, I pretended I was exasperated and just walked over to him and sat on his lap.  Now I can’t say I’ve ever contemplated sitting on a naked dude’s lap, but it definitely brought down the house.  I don’t see it ever happening again, but I survived it.  Kind of like sky-diving or bungee jumping. Of course, I wouldn’t skydive without a parachute, so I the pants I was wearing was a sufficient barrier for me.

At this point, let me state again, I was fully dressed during my show. A couple of years ago I guess both comics during the show did it in the buff.  I feel I bare my soul enough during my act that I don’t need to bare my ass, too.  Having said that, I totally respect that those guys had the balls to do it. (I know this last line is hacky, but it also is the most fitting.) I did have a few women tell me I should take off my clothes and I told them I would meet them almost halfway. I said I would sell my merchandise after my show without my shirt.  After the show, as the room got more and more clothing optional, I did take off my pants too.  I grew up in the 70’s so I grew up wearing speedos to the pool, so I had no problem sitting down in just my boxer briefs.  I thought that was only fair.  I didn’t let it all hang-out, as I didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that, but the more time I was at the nudist resort, the more I understand the appeal. What is more Godly than to reenact Adam and Eve before the apple was introduced?

NOTE: There are no cameras allowed at Turtle Lake and that is for good reason. While you are not anonymous, your privacy is guarded to a certain extent, as it off from the road and they have a gate which keeps gawkers out of range.

I know some of you clicked on this post hoping for some sexy photos from the event.  Sorry. I won’t leave you completely hanging, though.  Click on the front page of Adventures in Comedy Fly-Over Country and below this story is a photo someone sent me wearing my awesome bumper sticker, Porn Machine.  NSFW! You have been warned.


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