Baby I’m a Star

Oh baby I’m a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but I r, I’m a (star)
I don’t want to stop, ’til I reach the top
Sing it! (We are all a star!)

I have never gotten involved in anything that I wouldn’t be good at. I always expected that I would succeed as a comedian and I expected that I would move up to headliner pretty rapidly. To a certain degree, all these things happened.

What I never expected was to become some kind of comedy star.  I never had a desire to be an actor on TV. I really only wanted to be a touring standup. Since I accomplished pretty much what I set out to do, maybe I should have had bigger dreams. I guess I will never know.

One thing I have always wanted to accomplish that I haven’t is to headline a room in Vegas. I have a couple friends, Frank Caliendo and Kevin Burke (Defending the Caveman), who are the stars of big shows in Vegas.  I never wanted that, I just wanted to do what I do on a weekly basis across the rest of the country, be a really funny headliner at a comedy club–only be doing it in Vegas.  The good thing is that I have this to work towards.

I do headline a room in Nevada, the Edgewater in Laughlin.  While it’s not Vegas, it is a fun room and while I never dreamed of seeing my name in bright lights, I will admit it’s a bit of an ego boost to see your name in 20 foot letters.  It also is a great ego boost to hear you are one of the best shows of the year according to the casino staff.  When I’m worrying about how I am going to make my next 1200 dollar a month health insurance bill because I chose a profession without benefits , I try to keep in mind that there are quite a few perks to my job that few others possess.  At this point I still think I made the right decision—but I’m not sure I will say that in another decade…Time will tell.

Comedy on the Edge sign above the Slot Machines.

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