Why Night Clubs/Bars Should Choose Comedy Over Music

Man is this a lot of work.

I love comedy, but besides my family, music is my biggest passion in life.  Despite this, I would choose to do a comedy night over any other type of entertainment for many reasons.  I mean just look at the photo I took of what this band needed. Can you believe all the things they require? Here’s what you need to put on a comedy show.

  • A microphone and stand.
  • Some basic lighting.
  • A small stage.

And you are done.  Pretty easy.  Plus comedians are generally way less high-maintenance to deal with versus musicians.  The atmosphere for a comedy show is one where your patrons are focused listening to a show, so pretty much no chance of fights.  In almost 2 decades of doing this job, I can count on one hand the times I felt there was a need for a bouncer.  And the final bonus is unlike a band, you only have to pay a couple comedians, (no sound person required) so the cost is lower as well.  It seems like a no-brainer.

One thought on “Why Night Clubs/Bars Should Choose Comedy Over Music

  1. ’bout 11-15 years ago my Husband did sound for two local bands in the south bay which kind of made me a default roadie (I’m far more comfortable being a roadie than a groupie). By the time I had been at it about 6 months I could pack up the folk guitar band in about 20 minutes. But the Alternative rock band with the key boards and such still took the better part of 45 minutes. Good times, Great music but a whole lotta work.

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