Great Time in Baltimore

With Sullys Comedy Cellar owners Ann Marie and Steve.

Don’t have a lot of time to write today, but wanted to give a few bullet-points on my weekend at Sully’s Comedy Cellar in Baltimore.

It’s a room that has been around for awhile, but the owners are newer to the biz.  Steve and Ann Marie own the awesome restaurant above the club and they are great to work for. I’ve performed at pretty much all the big IMPROV type rooms and as much as there is something to be said for a large, beautiful showroom, I think the best type of structure to do comedy is in a smaller space, with little financial overhead.  Sullys I’m guessing can seat somewhere between 100-125 people and which is a great number for comedy when done in a tight room. The lighting and sound are good, so it has everything you need.

Big bonus is Sullys comps the comics on food. A lot of clubs do this, but the big difference here is their food is great! My opinion is that all comedy rooms should comp the meal of the comics because it doesn’t cost them much and it builds goodwill among the comics.  Having said that, most places don’t have much besides second rate bar food, so when you perform at a place like Sullys that is a real bonus.

One of my favorite things to do is perform in a newer room that is run by a married couple.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that some of my favorite rooms to perform have a family atmosphere to them.  This week I’m going to one of my favorites, the Joke Joint in St. Paul, which has a similar atmosphere as Sullys. Same goes for Goonies in Rochester and State Street Comedy Club in Madison, just to name a couple others.  Unlike a club where the owner is not very involved with the day-to-day operation, when the owners are working there every night, they are way more likely to see what are the things that can make their club stronger.

***Added bonus last weekend was that at my hotel had a Sci-Fi convention going on in it.  I will do little piece on that later this week.

3 thoughts on “Great Time in Baltimore

  1. Awe, gee wiz…Thanks for the kind words. We really enjoyed having you at our club. You are a class act and hilarious to boot! I hope to see you again soon in a few months, as having you there was a blast. And where else but in Baltimore can you stay in a hotel hosting a Trekkie Convention?! That’s worth the drive in itself! HA! Hugs 🙂

    1. Had a great time, Annemarie. Comics spend a lot of time bitching so I feel like when someone is running a quality club they should get some props. See you down the road.

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