A Man Named Goober

With my friend and best MC in West Virginia, Larry.

I try not to stereotype places that are different from what I know since I grew up in a small-town in Iowa and have always hated when people from the Coasts do the same to my home state.  I try to not to make fun of white trash too much, since my Mom had me when she had just turned 18 and the only person in person in my family that had went to college was my uncle.  Oh, but West Virginia, you can make it so hard some times.

I was in the Mountain State last night and had a fun time as usual. While you don’t run into a lot of hipsters, the audiences are generally very warm and looking to have a good time.  The host of the show, Larry, is a very gregarious guy who spent 40 years in radio. He does a great job of creating energy and the feature act, Larry XL (yes another Larry) is a solid comedian.  While the audience usually can be a little unruly, last night it was almost a little too laid back, but it was overall a good show.

A big reason I created this site was that I do so many shows that they begin to blend together and there are moments most nights that I wanted to remember. Last night before the show I met a man named Goober, who had a heavy Appalachian accent and might have had 5 teeth, total.  If he appeared in a movie that took place in West Virginia you would have thought the producers of the flick went way over the top in his characterization.  He seemed like a nice guy and at least last night seemed to be following his bliss, so I’m not here to attack. I just felt like saying “Dude, pull back just a little bit. The accent, the teeth, the name…I mean you are a walking stereotype of a West Virginia joke.” Instead I just let it go, as I find my bliss attacking celebrities who have way more fame than talent, not us regular folk who are just out to have a good time.  I can’t say that this would have been the case 2 decades ago, so maybe I’ve matured a little.

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