2010 Says Kiss My Ass to Comedians Xmas Week

2010 has ended with a holiday week leaving me out in the cold.

I don’t bitch much about my job because I chose to do it. I’m in the business of selling myself, which is the only product I generally believe in. (I have enough self-loathing to not even feel like selling me some days.) One thing that many people who think I want to be a comedian don’t consider is that you are only paid when you show up. No health benefits, no sick days, and definitely no holiday pay.  Our biggest work days are Friday and Saturday.  So Xmas Eve and Xmas day happen to fall on these days, so basically all clubs in the country are closed this weekend.  One big steaming dump of coal in our stocking.  With next Saturday being New Year’s Day (another day which no one goes out on), 2010 is closing out with a big Fuck you to comics. Not a lot better in 2011, as Xmas Eve is on Saturday and New Year’s Eve is on Saturday, so no double dipping a big payday, like when NYE falls earlier in the week.  Bah Humbug.

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