Bill Hicks Would Have Been 49 today

When I started comedy back in 1991, there were 4 comics who inspired me to do it;  George Carlin, Sam Kinison, Dennis Miller, and Bill Hicks.  I would guess that most of you know the first 3, but unless you are a comedian—you might not know Hicks.  At the age of 24, when I first thought I should share my funny thoughts on-stage, it was Hicks who connected the most to me.  I could go over his career, but you should look him up on-line to learn about how revolutionary he was.  I found pretty quickly that I was not good enough to sell the material that these 4 comics delivered.  I’ve tried to be a little more subliminal, inserting small segments of my ideology into jokes.  These guys were the masters and I still feel inspired from listening to them at their peaks.

Here is Hicks on Drugs and Music.

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