Busiest Work Week of My Life

After gig in North Dakota, 2009.

For those of you unaware, besides doing standup, I’ve been a writer for the comedy sketches on the NFL on FOX pregame show the past 8 years.  It’s been fun doing it as I get a chance to work a different muscle writing for Frank Caliendo than I do for my standup. The formula the sketches have are Frank’s different characters doing topical jokes that are NFL-centric.  It is a very specific skill-set you have to develop, as the show airs after church for a lot of people and the NFL isn’t about to let us do too edgy type material.  The most fun characters that Frank impersonates are Jack Nicholson and Charles Barkley because their personalities let us get away with more.

For the second straight year I’m part of the writing staff for the NASCAR awards banquet. No it’s not the Academy Awards, but it has been fun coming up with jokes and sketches for a sport that I don’t know as much about. Definitely has taken more time researching, but I’m looking forward to watching the show on the Speed Channel which is airing it this Saturday. (I have set it on my DVR. Rascal Flatts and the sublime Colbie Calliat will be the special musical guests.)

On top of these 2 writing assignments, this week I’m doing small-town shows from Wed-Sat.  The weekend shows are corporate shows, which have me cleaning my act up. I always preach versatility to younger comics, as it is the only way I’ve found to make a good living doing a job I love.  I could say I’ve been lucky to have been a professional comedian for the past 15 years, but the way I look at it, discipline and hard work have been the biggest reason I been relatively successful.  This has been a hellish week so far and I’m doubting it’s going to get much easier the rest of it, as I’ve got some long drives ahead of me. Hey, at least I’m selling a product I believe in (for the most part).

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