Friends in Michigan

Before the Show with buddy, Chris Hegedus

This blog is generally going to be more about staying next to whores in flea-bag motels because it is just more interesting.  Today, though, I wanted to discuss one of the best things about the job.  The friends you meet.

A question I am often asked is do I work with the same opening act a lot?  Not really. Maybe 5 or 6 weeks a year, I’m able to bring my own my opening act, but generally the booking agent wants to put their own people in.  I get that, as I’ve seen headliners bring shitty opening acts because they are friends, they are dating them, or they want someone who is easy for them to follow.  Last night I was happy to find out that I would be working with my friend, Chris Hegedus.  Chris is a funny guy who I also like a lot as a person.  One warning about Chris is don’t make any jokes about Cleveland because he is the city’s biggest supporter since Drew Carey moved to Plinko-land.  I’m guessing after LeBron made the DECISION, Hegelicious laid down in the fetal position, sucking his thumb, and cried like Mike Schmidt at his retirement speech.  Normally, Chris has his act together, so I recommend you checking out his comedy when you see he’s coming through your hamlet.

Besides comics, sometimes the friends you make are at the club you work at.  Last night I was at the Crazy Horse Saloon, a one-nighter show in Rockford, MI.  It has been one of my favorite one-night shows as the room as their crowds usually are rocking.  A big reason the room was so good was because of its owner, Dennis.  Sadly, last January he passed away.  His daughter has taken over the place and she has a very similar spirit to her Dad, so the Crazy Horse is in capable hands, but Dennis’ absence is still felt.  I love the constant change from night to night of my job, but every once in awhile, it’s great to see friends on the road. Oh and Chris, sure the Cavs aren’t the same, but you have the Indians and Browns, so things could be worse…well, maybe not.

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