Comedy at a Bed and Breakfast

On-stage with Michael Callahan

My friend, comic Michael Callahan, has been wanting to get me into a room he put together in the small Minnesota town he lives in.  (1 hour south of Twin Cities)  Since I was doing comedy in the state, we were able to work it out for me to perform on Sunday night.  I’m glad I did.

The set-up was a room in a bed and breakfast that he had built a small stage and set up theatre seating in.  Hard to picture, but let me say it was one of the most unique settings I’ve ever performed in.  Since it is such a confined space, 20 people in the audience feels like 100.  Had a lot of fun and it afforded me the opportunity to do a story I had written which was inspired by some children stories my buddy Dan Cummins has written.  I will post the video up here soon of my book reading.

I have performed in huge theatres, state prisons, strip clubs, and many other strange settings, which is something I’ve come to embrace with my job.  Some comedians treat the business with snobbery, believing they can only function in a comedy club setting.  I like the variety. My show for Michael Callahan at his Firefly Club in St. Peter, MN is an example of one of those nights I will never forget.

Final Note: My favorite line of the night. I mentioned that after the show, I would be in the living room selling my merchandise. Doubtful many comics have uttered this phrase before.

3 thoughts on “Comedy at a Bed and Breakfast

  1. Great set last night Scott! I was one of the fortunate ones to be in attendance at the B&B show. My good friend Michael has said a lot of great things about you and you definitely lived up to the hype. Look forward to you coming back to St. Peter someday.


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