College Gig Night 2: Rocking South Dakota


Her Mantra Was I've Got 4 Kids and No Stretch Marks

One of my favorite shows of 2010 was tonight in Brookings, South Dakota. Home to South Dakota State, the gig there is always good but tonight there was a great energy.  One of the best feelings you can have as a comedian is when you can feel the audience having a hard time catching their breath because they are laughing so hard.  One of the important elements to doing well with a crowd is having a good opening act who sets the room up and my friend Tom Steffen from the Twin Cities is one of my favorites. You should check out his stuff like this bit on Scottish accents.

What I will remember most is this very petite young woman in the front row who brought up on her own that she had 4 children and no stretch marks.  It was pretty hard to believe that she could have 4 children, especially since she looked like she was about 18.  After the show she wanted to take a photo of me with her, which I did, though considering how fertile she is I did my best to not even sneeze in her vicinity.

It was Veterans Day today and I met a guy who was just back from overseas after the show.  It’s very rewarding when a young guy like him tells you how much he loves your show, because no matter how much heckler shrapnel you take, it is nothing like the life or death world that many young people have faced for a nearly a decade now.

Celebrating Veterans Day

One of my new bits is about defending pornography. In the routine I discuss how I open up my Porn Machine or what many call their Laptop.  I’ve started selling Porn Machine Bumper Stickers to slap on your laptop or car bumper. These young women are modeling my newest item and I didn’t want to come off as a misogynist so I joined in.  Did you have as much at your job as I did last night? I’ve been on a really fun streak of successful gigs so I know something bad is coming around the corner. Such is life for someone as neurotic as myself.


Proudly Displaying the Porn Machine

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