Great Weekend in Lansing

Most comedy clubs I perform are very similar to a typical workplace. A bunch of employees punching the clock.  This past weekend I worked at Connxtions in Lansing. It is one of my favorites because the staff really enjoys their job and Tina is an awesome manager. It’s amazing how much better the atmosphere of a club can be when he manager is enthusiastic about her job.

My favorite moment of last weekend was when a Native American dude with jet black long hair was sitting in the front row.  During one joke I use the term Kemosobe. After I said it, I said to my new friend up front- Hey no offense. I then mentioned that if I was Native American I would change my name to Kemosobe just to make white people uncomfortable every time they called out—Hey Kemosobe.  My guy in the front said he would have to consider that. I mentioned that since my Great Grandmother was 100 percent Cherokee maybe I should make this my new stage name.  Of course being only 10 percent Indian doesn’t do much for me, as I definitely don’t get any Casino kickback money.  Continuing to riff I said that I could be stereotyping him because maybe he’s just a really tan dude who plays guitar in a metal band.  I then said there is only one way I can think of to make sure he was Native American.  I then took a piece of paper…wadded it up….and threw it on the floor.  He did not cry, so maybe I was wrong. I then mentioned for the people who didn’t get the reference that when I was growing up there was an anti-litter campaign where every time an Indian chief saw someone litter he would cry. (see video for example.)

Continuing on my rant I sarcastically added that what would really make an Indian cry would not be a life stuck living on a shitty reservation or having his land stolen or the almost genocide brought to his people by the White Man. No what would bring tears streaming to his eyes would be someone throwing a Ho-Ho wrapper out their car window. Sure, that makes complete sense.

These are the moments on stage I enjoy the most. When something out of nowhere ends taking me down a really fun path.  My week in Lansing was filled with a lot of these moments.  Look forward to being at Connxtions again in 2010.


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